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Record as many details as possible:

  • exact location
  • date and time that you discovered the fly tipping
  • details and photos of the items.

If you saw the fly tipping happen:

  • vehicle's registration number and details
  • description of the fly tippers (and photos if possible)
  • direction they were travelling.

Fly tipping on your property

After reporting the flytipping, please try to secure it with a temporary fence so the evidence is not disturbed.

As a private land owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the flytipped waste is legally disposed of, including any costs. If the flytippers are prosecuted you may be refunded your clean-up costs.

How to dispose of it


What we're doing to reduce littering

District and borough councils are running a number of initiatives, including:

  • anti litter posters in common littering areas
  • enforcement officers who can issue fixed penalty notices
  • recycling on-the-go bins in public areas
  • litter picking equipment to borrow
  • talks on littering for schools and community groups.

What's being done in your local area?