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Think Easter, and you probably think of eggs - chocolate ones.

But many families are looking to offer longer-lasting gifts to children and loved ones, without the sugar content. They are also looking to create new, waste-free traditions, so that the holiday can be enjoyed without the waste.

Below are some ideas for alternative Easter gifts, activities and crafts.



For a fully waste-free Easter, suggest to loved ones that this year you’d like to celebrate without chocolate eggs, cards and purchased gifts.

Get outdoors. Springtime is beautiful, and you and your family can get active and celebrate outdoors. Suggest a walk, or get a bat and ball set for sunny days.

Rainy day ideas. Make it a family treat and head to the cinema over the Easter break. Or you could bring out the board games. You could organise some crafts - there's some great ideas below.

Cook a family meal. Cook from scratch where possible to save on packaging waste. See our food waste page for more tips.

Give long - lasting gifts. If you want to give a gift, you could give an egg cup, for enjoying eggs all year long. You could also give a new mug - there are plenty of easter themed ones around. Or stickers and reading books - Peter Rabbit perhaps?


Easter bunny 1Recycle

Most Easter egg packaging is recyclable, but be sure to check when buying.
Foil can be scrunched up for recycling or saved for craft projects, and most plastic containers can also be recycled. Don’t forget the cardboard boxes too.

Use sturdy long-lasting eggs, bunnies or chicks for Easter egg hunts. They can be used year after year, with just 1 or 2 chocolate ones as a prize at the end.

Turn an empty plastic milk bottle into a cute Easter bunny basket for collecting your eggs in (pictured above).

Check what you can recycle locally. Find out which items your local council accept at the kerbside, or take items to your local recycling centre.



Make traditional hand-painted Easter eggs:

1. Make a hole at the top and bottom of a large egg
2. Carefully blow out the contents (capture it in a bowl and scramble it for dinner?)
3. Allow the eggshell to dry
4. Gently decorate it with brightly coloured paints or felt-tips
5. Add some googly eyes, decorative gems or whatever you can ‘lay’ your hands on.

Alternatively, you can hard boil the eggs. To save time painting them, add some food colouring to the water. Add the extra decorations when they have cooled down, then eat – or try an egg and spoon race.

Make your own chocolate eggs. To reduce packaging, you can make chocolate eggs at home using a mould.

Create a super easy chocolate slab. Melt chocolate and pour it into a flexible container. Sprinkle on decorations like nuts, choc chips or mini eggs. Once solid, tip it out and enjoy. This is great for using up any leftover chocolate too.

Create an Easter quiz. Brush up on your Easter knowledge and test the family and friends. Learn where the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs and other traditions come from.

Recycle Devon has plenty of great crafty ideas and bakes for a home made Easter.