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The benefits

Better for the environment

Disposable incontinence products can contain up to 90% plastic – not just in the packaging but in the product itself as well. A single pad can take as long as 500 years to break down.

Reusable products can be used for up to 10 years, so making the switch can significantly reduce the amount of waste created too. 

Better for your health

Disposable incontinence products can contain chemical fragrances which can potentially lead to irritation.

Washable products contain no chemicals, so no skin reactions. They are also ‘rustle-free’ for a more discreet experience, and can be softer against delicate skin.

Better for your bank balance

You can save money by switching to reusables, compared to long-term use of disposable items. Apply for a 15% discount on these participating brands.





Reusable continence products

These products are becoming increasingly popular because of their many benefits. You can buy them in high street shops, supermarkets and online.

With our scheme, Hertfordshire residents can get a discount with participating suppliers.


Washable absorbent pants

Washable pants for women

(Credit: FLUX Undies)

Simply a pair of pants with an absorbent inner panel – popularised recently with the surge in demand for similar ‘period pants’. They come in all shapes, styles, sizes and absorbencies, and can offer you peace of mind when out and about. At the end of the day just rinse with cold water, pop into your washing machine and then hang out to dry.



Washable pads

Washable pads by Cheeky

(Credit: Cheekywipes)

A shaped absorbent pad with wings that popper around your pants similar to a disposable pad, or washable period pad. Spare pads fold up discreetly and used pads can be stored in a small stylish wet bag. There are lots of sizes and absorbencies to suit your needs, whether for day or night-time use.

To clean, rinse with cold water after use, then pop into the washing machine with your next wash.



Men's absorbent underwear

Reusable trunks by Cheeky

(Credit: Cheekywipes)

A pair of men’s trunks or briefs with an absorbent, leak-proof liner in the front pouch that comes in a range of absorbencies for confidence and comfort. After wear, just rinse in cold water, then wash in your washing machine and hang out to dry. 

You'll find these products on the Cheekywipes for Men webpage.



Washable undies for kids

Two children in trunks

(Credit: Cheekywipes)

If your child is transitioning to 'big kid pants' or dealing with mild incontinence, there's a variety of options available, including underwear for teenagers.

You'll find these products on the Cheekywipes for Kids webpage.



Participating brands

We've teamed up with the following suppliers to offer you 15% off a range of reusable continence products.

Apply for your discount today









The Period Lady

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Other reusable options

Check our Remember Your Reusables page for even more simple swaps. We're on a mission to inspire Hertfordshire residents to abandon single-use plastics and embrace reusable options.

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