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Step 1

Plan - check what you have


One of the top reasons we throw away food is that we buy too much. Ciabatta believe it!

Check your fridge and cupboards before making a shopping list. How your shopping list could save the planet

Take a ‘shelfie’ of the food in your cupboards, fridge and freezer as a reminder.

Plan your week's meals in advance – make a meal plan.

Good food habits – hacks to save your food from the bin.


Man holding an onion
"Siri, add onions to my shopping list! I keep a shopping list on my phone so I've always got it with me."

number two

Shop for what you need

number three

Store in the best way


Be a savvy storer. Don't put bananas in the fridge. Let tomatoes ripen at room temperature. Keep potatoes in the dark.

Food Storage A to Z – discover the best way to store your food.

It's a date-ing game! We’re here to unpeel the mystery of dates on packaging...

  • Use by dates are about food safety. Eating food past this date could make you ill.
  • Best before dates are about quality. Food might not be at its best after the date but it should still be safe to eat.

Date labels – what do they mean?

If you wash fruit and veg before you store it, it can spoil quicker. So wash it just before you eat it.


Keep them in the...


Bread, potatoes, onions, tinned items, dried spices and bananas.

Food storage A-Z


Vegetables, fruit, leftover meals, dairy and meat. Ensure your fridge is below 5 degrees.

Chill the Fridge Out


Meat, veg, fruit, herbs, milk, eggs, cheese and bread can all be frozen. Freezing your food and leftovers acts like a pause button giving you more time to eat it. Make sure your freezer is below -18 degrees.

What foods can I freeze?


number four

Eat what you have





Too many eggs?

Crack them, whisk them and freeze them for later. 


Chop, dice or pulse and then freeze them. Or have you tried roast veggies in a salad? Chef's kiss!




Download the leaflet (PDF 1.41Mb)

worthsaving leaflet

Here's a bitesize summary as a printable leaflet on how to reduce your edible food waste. Stick it on your fridge, share it at events, and talk about it with community groups and neighbours.

Download the posters (PDF 3.94Mb)

worthsaving poster

A challenge of this scale needs everyone on board to reduce edible food waste. If you have a shop window, noticeboard or community space, please download, print and display one of our posters.

Get in touch

We can send you printed copies of the #WorthSaving leaflet and posters. Just tell us how many you need, where to send them and what venue they'll be advertised in.

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