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Where you can use your discount

Apple Cheeks

Logo - Apple Cheeks

Super absorbent and great for taller bodies and older children.

A popular nappy system made in Canada. Trim fitting and versatile with AIO, One size and sized covers from newborn to 10yrs covering special needs.



Logo - BrightBots

Larger nappies suitable for older children. Training pants offered too.

Originally an Australian brand now UK owned for those who want colour in their lives. The Bright Bots brand offers the traditional terry option.


Close Parent

Logo - Close Parent

Great option for smaller newborns, containing recycled plastic for even more eco credentials. Award-winning nappies with cute accessories, great on slimmer bodies.

Home is in happy Welwyn Garden City, where we’ve made it our daily mission to create wonderfully-made products that are better for baby and the planet. We don’t believe nappies should cost the earth, so we’re leading the way in sustainable materials, like our new bio-laminates which use 20-30% renewable plant based ingredients, helping to conserve precious non-renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse emissions. We have handpicked some of our favourites, from our award winning reusable nappies and breast pads through to bamboo wipes, we have everything you need to begin your eco-parenting journey. Get 15% off now and £10 off on your second purchase when you refer a friend. Buy now pay later with KLARNA.



Logo - MerryGoRound

MeryGoRoundUK has been supplying baby essentials for 20 years and have an in depth knowledge of the reusable cloth nappy sector. MerryGoRoundUk manufactures the MuslinZ and Bright Bots brands.



Logo - MuzlinZ

Economical and durable ‘two-part’ nappies, with a quick dry time.

UK owned and designed in house in rural Oxfordshire. MuslinZ products and prints are exclusive to the brand. Made to the highest quality at an affordable price for all. Our Pakistan factories are ISO and Oeko-Tex certified.



Norfolk Nappy Co

Norfolk Nappy Company logo


Pre-loved nappies, gift boxes, post-partum sets and hire kits, as well as beautiful less-known nappy brands. 

We believe choosing and using cloth nappies should be easy. Everything we do is with this in mind. We want to give you as many options as possible to access advice and guidance that’s easy to understand and follow. We only stock cloth nappies we trust and back this up with our own 6 month guarantee. Whether you need help at the start of your journey or half way through we are here to support you.
We have a wide range of award winning nappies to suit all babies.


The Nappy Lady

Logo - The Nappy Lady

A supermarket of nappies! Plenty of choice and an advice form to help identify which to choose.

The Nappy Lady is the UK's largest independent reusable nappy retailer. We have been helping and supporting families to use cloth nappies since 1999. We are passionate about reusable products and love helping families to find the right nappies for their children. With our extensive experience we are able to help you find the right products for your family. It doesn't matter if your baby is newborn, older, slim, chubby, short or tall, if you need fast drying, very absorbent, natural materials, have a high or a low budget. There is a nappy for every baby and we are here to help you find the right product. The Nappy Lady offers Herts residents 15% off most items on our website using their personal HERTS discount code.



Sugar and Scoop

Logo for Sugar and Scoop


Sugar and Scoop is a zero waste refill and eco-lifestyle shop in Ware, Hertfordshire. Our mission is to reduce waste that goes to landfill and given that billions of disposable nappies are sent to landfill every year, offering reusable nappies is key to achieving this. We have personally tried and tested the reusable products that we sell and think that they work brilliantly. Sugar and Scoop is a family run business and we are particularly passionate about reusable cloth nappies because that is where our own 'journey to zero waste' began when we started using them with our son. We want to share these with Hertfordshire residents so that we can all do our bit to help the environment.


The Nappy Gurus

The Nappy Gurus logo


Eco products galore alongside fabulous support and all the best nappies available.

The Nappy Gurus are on a mission to connect, inform and inspire the next generation of cloth nappies parents! Stocking a huge range of reusable nappy brands, everything is teamed with user-friendly guides, videos, photos and support at every step of the way by one of the Nappy Guru team! The Nappy Gurus are offering Herts residents 15% off nappies, accessories and eco-living items.


Cherry Bottoms

cherry bottoms logo

Cherry Bottoms is a UK family owned cloth nappy & accessories brand providing ease for parents/guardians and comfort to babies.

Using artist-illustrated prints, our nappies have unique cutting patterns with tummy elastics to fit like a dream!

We aim to convert families to use real nappies and #makeclothmainstream for our planet. We also do all we can as a small business to keep our own carbon footprint low. We give back by donating to charities.



Logo - TotsBots


Award winning brand with super easy-to-use nappies in cute prints. Easy to use newborn nappy from 5lbs upwards.

Nearly 20 years ago, TotsBots was set up from a kitchen table with a mission to make the best nappies in the world. Today, we’re an industry-leading reusable nappy company — and we have the bursting awards cabinet to prove it! Not only did our bamboo Bamboozle nappy revolutionise the reusable nappy world, but we’re also the only reusable nappy brand to make all of our waterproof fabric out of recycled plastic. Now, Herts residents can save 15% on our cutting-edge reusable nappies and help us save the planet, one nappy change at a time.


Pepi Collection

pepi logo


Pēpi Collection modern reusable nappies launched in August 2020 to provide UK families with an eco-friendly option as opposed to using single use plastic nappies.

Pēpi Collection design affordable and premium modern cloth nappies and are London's only reusable nappy manufacturer. Their nappies are easy to use and feature snaps that allow the nappy to fit from around 3 months to potty training.

Each nappy comes with 2 absorbent bamboo mix inserts allowing you to adjust the absorbency. Pēpi Collection's 'Designer Collection' features unique hand illustrated prints by an artist. Pēpi Collection are also finalists at the Best Design Awards NZ for 3 categories including: Design Craft / Illustration, Sustainable Product Design and Textile.

Pēpi Collection aims to make cloth nappies more accessible and mainstream in the UK and are pleased to offer Hertfordshire families 15% off.

Use the discount code Hertfordshirepepi at





Other ways to save money on reusable nappies

  • Buy economical nappies such as Alva or flat nappies with a waterproof cover, which both perform brilliantly.
  • Buy preloved nappies.
  • Hire nappies from nappy libraries – some offer low cost long term hires.
  • Use Klarna to spread the purchase cost over time.
  • Talk to family centres - they may be able to assist with low cost reusable nappies.

Why we're offering this new scheme

Why we changed our old Real Nappies offer

Between 2015 and 2020, we offered residents either a free starter kit of six reusable nappies or up to £50 cashback against the cost of buying their own. We were overwhelmed by the success of this scheme - application numbers doubled each year! The success of the scheme led to some inefficiencies in running it.

Feedback from applicants of the previous scheme also showed that the nappies we provided weren't always right for every family and that people needed more support to ensure the nappies were used fully.

Having reviewed the scheme, Hertfordshire Waste Partnership agreed on a new way of encouraging the use of reusable nappies, which will represent better value for money for Hertfordshire residents whose council tax payments fund the scheme.

HERTS Reusable Nappies offers:

  • Access to a greater selection of nappies and accessories, as well as an expanding range of eco-living products, all in one place.
  • Much more customer support and advice, so parents and carers can find all the information they need to choose the right reusable nappies and get the best use out of them. This will include online events, Q&As and support groups.

Why we're promoting reusable nappies

Since Blue Planet II raised awareness of plastics in the ocean back in 2018, there has been a huge rise in the use of reusable nappies. Parents looking for a way to reduce their impact on the planet are turning to reusable nappies as an eco-friendly and cost effective option. The nappy pins and terry towels of old are a far cry from the reusable nappies of today. With fitted designs, a huge array of different materials and styles to suit all routines and needs, reusable nappies are a fun, simple and responsible way to care for your child and their future. Reusables are becoming the main choice of nappy for more and more families.

Send us your photos

If reusables are already your nappy of choice, help change nappies across Herts by sharing this web page with three friends and sending us photos of your baby in reusable nappies. You'll be added to our ‘hall of fame’ gallery and used for publicising our scheme.

Hall of fame gallery

We’re looking for lifestyle photos of your baby in a reusable nappy, doing your normal everyday activities. Indoors or outdoors, with you, with family, pets, friends and toys. Just be sure to add the photo permissions form (Word, 59kb) with your email. Send your photos to

Nappy amnesty

If you have any unwanted reusable nappies or accessories that are clean and dry, we would love to accept any donations to allow others to start their reusable nappy journey.

Your donated nappies may be used at family centres, antenatal appointments or events to raise awareness of reusable nappies amongst new and expectant parents, or donated to families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we aren’t accepting any donations in person right now, so please either store your nappies for now or post them to:

WasteAware Nappy Amnesty
Postal Point CHN104,
County Hall,
Pegs Lane,
SG13 8DN.


Got a question about reusable nappies?


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