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We're on a mission to encourage Hertfordshire to ‘Remember Your Reusables’!
It is more important than ever to ditch single-use plastic and switch to reusable alternatives.

We want you to make a habit of grabbing reusable items like water bottles, coffee cups and bags when you leave the house, not just your keys, wallet and phone!


Refill Hertfordshire

Thanks to a fantastic initiative called Refill, topping up your water bottle when out and about is even easier. Refill Hertfordshire allows public places - such as cafés, pubs, takeaways and restaurants - to register as Refill Stations that will happily refill your bottle with free tap water on request.

The app now also shows where you can get coffee refills with a discount for bringing your own cup, shops where you can refill your own containers, and lunch venues where you can order to go in your own containers too. They've taken steps to make sure everything is as Covid safe as possible too

There are more than 300 Refill Stations registered in Hertfordshire. You can find your nearest Refill stations on the go by downloading the Refill app or keeping an eye out for Refill window stickers.

We need support in building the number of Refill Stations listed in Hertfordshire. Find out how you can register your business - it only takes a minute and is completely free to take part.

We also need support in promoting Refill Hertfordshire locally. If you'd like to help, either as an individual or local group, please email

Refill shops

More and more shops are popping up in and around Hertfordshire where you can refill existing containers, buy zero waste items or those with reduced packaging.

Buying from them can reduce the amount of plastic packaging you use – a small change that can have make a large difference and reduce your impact on the environment further.


Whether they are for cleaning up babies and children, make-up removal or household cleaning, the majority of wipes on the market contain plastic. Why wipes containing plastic can't be flushed.

These don't biodegrade and they aren't recyclable so reducing the use of these is important. You can either buy reusable wipes or make your own DIY ones - there are plenty of how-to guides.


Reusable bag in shopping trolley

  • Carry a drinks bottle with you wherever you go. Remember to reuse and refill on the go.
  • Keep reusable bags in your car or by the door so you always remember to use them.
  • Remind restaurants and bars that you don't want a straw in your drink. There are reusable versions available for you to slip into your bag.
  • Keep reusable cutlery in your bag. If you're eating on the go, you can say no to single use knives and forks.
Reusable Bottle

A shampoo bar and a shower gel bottle

  • Swap your shower gel bottle and hand pump for a bar of soap. Simple but effective and they last much longer.
  • Ditch plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles for these brilliant bars which are a great alternative.
  • You can buy toilet roll wrapped in paper, not plastic. Buy in bulk from an ethical company.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes are available online. Plastic toothbrushes take around 1000 years to decompose.
  • Discover a range of reusable sanitary products. The average sanitary pad can contain the equivalent of 4 plastic bags! Change up your monthly routine with plastic free periods.
  • Watch 1MillionWomen's Facebook video about making your bathroom plastic free.
Soap bar and soap bottles


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