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Do you have unwanted electricals at home?

We each throw away an average of 23.5kg of electronic waste a year - heavier than an average seven-year-old boy! 

Five ways to reduce your electrical waste:

1. Reuse it2. Repair it3. Recycle it4. Buy smarter5. Look after it



1. Reuse it

If it's still working:

  • Our reuse shops in Ware, Waterdale, Welwyn Garden City and Harpenden accept small appliances and TVs.They are tested, then sold or donated to local community groups and charities.
  • Sell, donate or pass it on for reuse.
  • Community Calling will take working mobile phones. They help combat digital isolation in the community.
  • Recycling centres accept working and non-working laptops and mobiles - just ask a member of staff.

As a precaution, remove data before discarding items.

Why reuse? Find out at Recycle Now.


2. Repair it


3. Recycle it


What happens to your electrical recycling?

What happens to your recycling
- destination map and video.

Electricals from recycling centres will be treated and recycled in accordance with all legislative standards and industry guidance in the UK. They are recycled according to their material type: small electricals, large electricals, TVs, fridges and freezers. This is why they are collected separately at the recycling centres. 

Remember to remove data before discarding items.

Collected items will be destroyed in the recycling process.



4. Buy smarter

Think before you buy and find products with a lower environmental impact.


5. Look after it

Find out how to look after your appliances.




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