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Food waste recycling

Over a third of food waste end up in rubbish bins across Hertfordshire. Disposal costs are higher when this food ends up in landfill. It also creates harmful greenhouse gases.


You could save up to £720 a year by reducing the amount of edible food you waste.

Check our Worth Saving campaign for 4 steps to save food and save money.


Most local bin collections will accept food waste for recycling, either in a separate container or mixed with your garden waste, some food waste can be composted at home.

You can put any cooked or uncooked food into your recycling, as well as egg shells and tea bags. Please remove any packaging.


Each year, 2.5 million could be saved in Hertfordshire if more food waste was recycled.
Food waste in landfill creates methane, a harmful greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

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