A Boards - guidance for having one on the street


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An A Board is a type of advertising board used on the pavement outside shops and restaurants.

Businesses don't need a licence to display an A Board, but you must make sure boards are the right size and they're used safely. We'll remove boards that don't follow our guidelines.

How to use A Boards – guide for businesses

  • A Boards are your responsibility. You must have public liability insurance cover of at least £5 million. 
  • You must leave at least 1.8 metres of clear space on the pavement so that people can pass, including those with disabilities.
  • A Boards can't be placed within 2 metres of any sign, pillar, post or other display.
  • A Boards can't be within 2 metres of any tactile paving such as marked or raised slabs for the visually impaired. You must consider other facilities in the area and remain at least 2 metres away from bus stops and pedestrian crossings.
  • A Boards can only be displayed during trading hours. You must remove them at the end of each day.
  • The access and exits to any premises, including emergency exits, must be kept clear. During an emergency you must remove the A Board if instructed to do so.
  • Where more than 1 business occupies a premises, only 1 A Board is allowed.
  • You mustn't attach any equipment to the pavement or items of street furniture.
  • You must get consent from the appropriate planning authority if you want to place an A Board in a conservation area.