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Hertfordshire County Council

Often when working on the highway, it’s necessary to temporarily close a bus stop to avoid conflict between bus users and the works being carried out.

Once you’ve got a works permit from the Network Management team, we can close the bus stop which includes:

  • closing the bus stop
  • a temporary bus stop (where appropriate)
  • on-site and electronic notices
  • re-opening the stop once works are complete.

Applying for a temporary closure

A standard closure costs £160 per stop.

This rate applies if the application and payment is made within 4 or more working days before the bus stop closure is required.

We'll process your request once we receive your application, payment and the works permit has been granted. Please supply a copy of the traffic management plans where possible.

Bus stop numbers / codes can be found on Google Maps by clicking on the actual bus stop icon. All IDs are prefixed by ‘HRT’, for example "hrtdtwtp". Without this, there may be a delay in processing your application.


An emergency closure costs £360 for 1 stop and £160 for each additional stop at the same location.

The emergency rate applies if the application and payment is made within 3 working days or less before the bus stop closure is required.

Please pay within 2 hours of applying, otherwise we can’t ensure the emergency works will be carried out.

We aim to close stops within 2 hours of application and payment being received and confirmed by our cashiers’ team.


Closures are charged per stop for the whole duration of the closure and must be paid for in advance. All charges include a £60 non-refundable admin fee.

Additional charges may be incurred if we're unable to re-open the stop on the date you requested.


Cancelling or amending a temporary bus stop closure application

If you no longer require a bus stop closure, or it's delayed and needs to be extended, it's your responsibility to notify us in adequate time to cancel or extend the application. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

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