Mobile crane licence

You'll need a licence if you want to use a mobile crane on a public road, verge or pavement.

Before you start...

You'll need the following to apply for a mobile crane licence:

  • public liability insurance certificate (minimum of £10 million)
  • a site plan (to scale) of the crane's position and over-sail area with dimensions
  • a copy of the risk assessment
  • a copy of the method statement.

It costs £121 for a 7 day licence. It's £53 for each week after.

It takes 2 weeks to process an application.


You need to follow some guidelines when using mobile cranes on a road.

These include:

  • Cranes always need to be banked.
  • Avoid overhead wires and cables.
  • Structure needs to be lit up at night.
  • You mustn't obstruct the visibility of junctions, road signs, traffic lights or street furniture, for example lamp posts.
  • Don't advertise the company (no boards).
  • Provide a 1.2m pedestrian walkway at all times.
  • You must remove cranes on the day the licence expires.
  • You're responsible for any damage to the road.
  • You can't obstruct any access to premises, unless you have the owner's permission.