Scaffolding licence

You need a licence to put up scaffolding on a public road, verge or pavement.

You could be fined up to £5,000 if you don't get a licence.

If you're already registered:

Before you start...

You'll need your public liability insurance certificate (minimum of £10 million).

It costs £121 for a 14 day licence. It's £53 for every week after.

It usually takes 10 days to process an application.

If you are applying for a licence in Broxbourne, please go to Broxbourne Borough Council.

What to do when you have the licence

Once you receive your licence you'll have to follow some rules when putting up your scaffolding. These include:

  • making the scaffolding obvious at ground level (painted or wrapped with hi-vis tape).
  • ensuring no sharp ends or dangerous corners.
  • no permanent ladders within 2.5m of the ground.
  • scaffold is constructed in line with NASC guidance document SG4 or the manufacturer's guidance.
  • scaffold is sealed above the pavement so nothing can fall on pedestrians.