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Hertfordshire County Council

You need a licence before you place apparatus on the highway, working on existing licensed apparatus and excavating the highway.

Applicants not familiar with the requirements of the legislation are strongly advised to appoint a contractor or consultant that has the appropriate knowledge and accreditation to help complete the application and to conduct the works on the licensee’s behalf.

We strongly advise that under no circumstances should contractors conduct works without a licence.

Should a contractor have any questions or queries relating to Section 50 licence process, please contact for further assistance.

Timescales / When to apply for the licence?

All completed applications should be submitted to the Highways Section 50 team at least 4 weeks in advance of the proposed work dates for both:

  • minor works (up to three days), or
  • standard works (up to 10 days), without major traffic management involvement to ensure the best likelihood of securing the dates.

In the event that an application is for major utility works (up to 3 months), the applicant / contractor is advised to submit all the required documentation at least 3 months prior to the proposed work dates.


Apply for street works licence

Please download the Section 50 and NRSWA forms using the links below, and ensure they are completed in Word document format.


Additional documentation that will be required for the application include:

  • Site plan - Satellite map screengrab or image taken with a smartphone
  • Public liability insurance, at least £10 million (Applicant and Company Conducting the Works)
  • SWQR cards (at least 1 operative and 1 supervisor) both containing hot and cold lay (Front and back card copies)
  • Utility/STATS requests from Affinity Water, BT Openreach, Cadent Gas, Thames Water, UK Power Networks and Virgin Media. (An email to each company with CC’d will be acceptable)
  • Section 106 Approval Letter - Water Industry Act 1991 (Required If works are on a new/existing Foul Water apparatus)
  • Adoption Confirmation Section 104 Agreement - Water Industry Act 1991 (Required if works are for a new Foul Water connection)


Payment and penalty notice

Please do not arrange payment prior to submitting your application so that the correct fee amount can be confirmed by the Highways Section 50 team upon review of your application.

Please ensure your completed application is submitted to

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